The Boro tribal community particularly the women of Villages Bamankushi, Ghoramara, Uttar Bhera, Dakshin Bhera and Bagmari Supa in Barpeta District (Assam) are very much content  with getting safe drinking water during the flood situation in their villages. They are facing problem in other household chorus like cooking food etc but tranquilly in arranging safe drinking water for their families. It became possible with installation of Solar Based Water Filter Units under the project –IFFCO-Tokio Integrated Rural Development Project – Barpeta (Assam). The flood situation in Assam continued to remain grim and with over 35 lakh people affected.


According to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), over 35.73 lakh residents of 3,376 villages in 26 of the state’s 33 districts are affected by floods. Barpeta is one of the districts which affected severely with the flood.  The project villages are also badly affected due to the flood. Families were not able to have safe drinking water during the flood period. Besides the other development activities, the IFFCO-Tokio Integrated Rural Development Project (IIRDP) has Installed 06 Solar Water Filter Units in these villages, which are helping 270 families in getting safe drinking water even during flood period when all the drinking water resources gets contaminated. The contaminated water is the cause of spreading water borne diseases in the community. 


The availability of safe drinking water from these Solar Water Filter Units is helping the Boro community in preventing from water borne diseases and also ensure improved their health. The project families are very happy and expressing their gratitude to the IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Co. and IFFDC for the small but impactful work for their better livelihood.