This is indeed a story of diligent farmer Mr. Sannu Singh Rawat residing in village Bhawanipura, Block Masuda block of Ajmer district in Rajasthan. He is now into vegetable cultivation and has made farming a lucrative affair and reaping a profit of Rs 2.50 Lakh per annum with the help of IFFCO-Tokio Integrated Rural Development Project IIRDP). The IIRDP is being implemented in 4 villages i.e. Bhawanipura, Ranisagar, Kharwa and Jawantpura Lahiri. Not only Mr. Sannu Singh but 52 other farmers of the project villages are also getting benefit of the IIRDP.


Before 5-6 years, the area was famous for tomato cultivation and earlier, Kharwa village is known for local tomato mandi for the nearby villages because the farmers were growing tomato in plenty and marketed in Delhi and Ahmadabad mandies. The farmers left growing tomato due to low rainfall and sever attack of diseases & pests. The farmers are not using latest varieties and technologies of growing tomato crop; therefore, they forced to left the tomato cultivation. During conducting Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) in the process of formulation of this project, the need was felt to introduce new varieties of tomato, other vegetable crops and improved techniques of vegetable cultivation to rejuvenate the tomato and other vegetable cultivation in the project villages. Accordingly, the plan of activities has been prepared.

 As per the plan, the technical trainings of the farmers have been arranged at “National Research Centre on Seed Spices-Tabiji (Ajmer)” and imparted technical know-how and improved package and Practices of vegetable cultivation. After imparting trainings, the project provided 30.8 Kg. High Yield varieties vegetable seeds of Tomato, Okra, Sponge gourd, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Spinach, Chilly and Capsicum to 52 interested farmers of the project villages for undertaking vegetable cultivation. Mr Sannu Singh is the one of them, who got the 240 grams of Cauliflower (Salakha), Tomato (Trisha-1302) and Chilly (Nikhar) seeds from the IFFCO-Tokio CSR Project. He has grown Cauliflower, Tomato and Chilly over 1.10 acre area.

He has earned about 1,25,000/- from Cauliflower cultivation on half an acre land and Rs. 20,000/- by growing Tomato on 0.10 acre and Rs 34,600/- from Chilly on 0.50 acre land. His total net profit was about Rs.1.80 lakh in 3-4 months in 1.10 acre land from vegetable cultivation.Mr Sannu Singh Rawat said that, he got good quality seeds and trainings from the project and only due that he could able to earn handsome return beyond his expectation from the vegetable cultivation. Also he did not face any problem in selling the yield because the traders procured his produce itself at the field.

Now, Mr Sannu Singh is planning to increase area under vegetable cultivation for better livelihood of his family. The other farmers in the project villages also thinking to increase area under vegetable cultivation with good quality seeds as it give good return in comparison to the other crops. The encouragement got from Mr Sannu Singh is helping in reviving the vegetable cultivation in the project village again. The farmers very happy and thankful to the IFFCO-Tokio CSR Project for provide them a new way of better livelihood.